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The design, by eccentric Beverly Hills designer Jeremy Scott, features a plastic set of shackles. Initially it was met with disbelief, then fury, especially in online arenas. On Twitter, the shoes were labeled "Adidas slave shackle kicks." Talk of a boycott arose.Early Monday, Adidas defended the shoes as the handiwork of a whimsical designer.

Fashion trends keep changing every day and with the arrival of the new year, things in vogue last year, are out of fashion this year. You will come across latest clothing Golden Goose trends and even current hairstyle trends, but have you ever wondered what is the current eyewear trend? If you are a true fashion conscious diva, you will not forget to find out what's hot and what's not in the new eyewear trends.

When it comes to buying premium insoles for your feet, you need to consider several crucial things such as a good pair of insoles can eliminate back, joint and foot pain, minimize foot slippage, improve arch support, facilitate better foot positioning, close toes gaps in slightly larger shoes, help heel spurs and increase comfort. These premium insoles always help to make a better progress as your foot Golden Goose Outlet health and overall comfort. To get lead a healthier life with more productive and pain free benefits premium insoles are the solution for potential medical issues developed over time as in lower back pain, heel pain, knee pain and so on.